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Jannat Chowdhury, BCND, RN | Founder of Integrative Holistic Care, Inc.

Jannat Chowdhury is based in Port Washington, Long Island, NY, an RN and a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor [BCND], dedicated her life to make a difference in people’s lives with her great knowledge and expertise in both conventional and natural medicine. The driving force to embark on this path was the loss of her brother on Sept 11, 2001 in the WTC tragedy. The loss of her brother, gave her a new perspective of life; to help make a difference in people’s lives and in return it will heal her with the feeling of fulfillment and a sense of duty to her late brother. And since then it became a mission in her life to pursue this.

Integrative Holistic Care, Inc. was created in 2020 by Dr. Jannat Chowdhury. Jannat uses her education and experience to provide health counseling, with an emphasis on holistic health. Jannat has always been enthusiastic about health and healing, but after losing her brother in the horrible events of September 11, 2001, she was compelled to bring light to a dark world in his honor. Jannat’s brother was an incredible person with a real heart who had a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Jannat was driven by his death to continue his legacy via her own efforts. Jannat worked as a licensed Esthetician, more precisely a paramedical skincare specialist, while attending college in New York State. There she performed services such as photolyte facials, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment at a renowned dermatologist (who sees Hollywood celebrities) in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. She also had the opportunity to do a treatment on a celebrity. When the editors of Bazaar and Self asked her to write about natural skincare at home, she began to think more thoroughly about how giving more individualized therapies to her clients could make a greater difference in their lives. Also at the same time, during that time the tragedy of Sept 11, 2001 happened where she lost her brother, and Jannat experienced this horrific event that affected her so deeply working in lower Manhattan. As she was so devastated by this loss, she was not able to heal herself and she realized that the only way she is able to heal herself is to make a difference in people lives and in return it will heal her back and to follow her brother’s legacy. In order to pursue this she thought being a doctor she could do so much. Since then it became a mission for her to pursue this in medical field. As a result, Jannat decided to leave the skincare profession and pursue to become a Nurse practitioner in medicine which she thought to herself the best way and sooner to achieve her goal. In the middle of her pathway to become a Nurse practitioner, she realized after working as a Registered Nurse for some time in a hospital in a conventional medicine she is still was not able to achieve that much (and not able to achieve what she pursued to start her mission for her brother) as to make a difference when her patients would relapse and die in her arms and she couldn’t do anything for them. Jannat discovered that there is so much limitation to what you can do for your patients, and felt as though too much emphasis was put upon treating symptoms and not enough on healing the whole body from within.
So Jannat again followed her vision, re-routed her journey and changed careers from nurse practitioner to naturopathic medicine, a sector in which she has always had a strong affinity. Jannat has received certifications from a number of renowned Naturopathic physicians, teachers, and schools, including Reflexology, Dr. Chi’s Fingernail and Tongue Analysis, Oriental Diagnosis: Reading the Face and Body (by Ohashi), Dr. Jeffrey Bland’s Clinical Breakthroughs in the connection between toxicity and chronic disease, iTHRIVE Certified Functional Nutritionist and Stress Therapy. Jannat has garnered considerable media notice for her outstanding work. Articles and write-ups in publications such as Bazaar Magazine and Self Magazine, as well as a prize at the American Naturopathic Medical Association’s Higher Achievement Award ceremony in August 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was chosen to read the names of the victims of the September 11th, 2001, tragedy at ground zero’s 9/11 Memorial in 2010. Additionally, Jannat features photographs of current and former presidents, as well as the Mayor of New York, in the National September 11 Memorial. Jannat was also offered to model in the window of Bergdorf Goodman for Women on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, which has a mosaic of 200 images of Jannat. Jannat’s mission is to provide a holistic, non-invasive approach that takes into account the full person and all types of health problems, as well as psychological/mental health concerns. Integrative Holistic Care’s mission is to provide patients with a sense of being heard, appreciated, and understood. Jannat’s mission is to assist individuals with long-term health challenges such as chronic sickness and disease prevention through the provision of nutritional and supplemental guidance.