Jannat Chowdhury, BCND, RN

Dr. Jannat Chowdhury is the founder of Integrative Holistic Care, Inc and has a great knowledge and expertise in both conventional and natural medicine. She began the company in 2020 and all of the devotion and passion that she wholeheartedly pours into her business is done so not only to help heal her clients, but also to honor her brother whom she lost in the September 11, 2001, World Trade Center tragedy. Jannat’s brother was an extraordinary human being with a heart of gold who touched the lives of so many. The driving force to embark on this path was the loss of her brother, it gave her a new perspective of life; to help make a difference in people’s lives and in return it will heal her with the feeling of fulfillment and a sense of duty to her late brother. His great loss motivated Jannat to carry on his legacy in her work. And since then it became a mission in her life to pursue this.

About Us

Founder of Integrative Holistic Care, Inc.

It was when she was approached by the editors of Bazaar and SELF magazines, asking her to write about how to take care of the skin naturally at home, that she realized how much more she could help her clients and make a difference in their lives by providing better treatment tailored to their needs. So, Jannat quit her job in the skin care industry and began a new career in medicine pursued towards Nurse Practitioner. Along the way, after helping many patients in her role as a Registered Nurse, Jannat discovered that she became frustrated by the limitations in most Western Medicine facilities. She felt as though too much emphasis was put upon treating symptoms and not enough on healing the whole body from within.

Her hobbies and interests

She loves Indian food, she loves nature, she especially loves to walk by the water or ocean front this gives her a sense of gratitude and embrace of God’s creation, reading positive affirmative books, interior designing homes, art of creating websites, created a film to gift her parents in the memory of her brother, and gardening.

She has a very caring and compassionate heart to help and give to the needy. She helps any needy person she comes across, she has donated to many poor institutions to help people to make a difference in their lives. With this good-hearted and caring nature she will go above and beyond to help her family and friends without any interest. This great trait of hers makes her unique. 

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Long Island, NY, USA